Torturing a man with nocikinesis
Ability to:
manipulate physical pain

Nocikinesis is the ability to manipulate free nerve endings in order to control physical pain.



Lola Elliott Athens

Lola's ability can be used in two possible ways. It can either be used as an anaelgesiac, removing pain from oneself and one's allies, or it can be used to induce intense pain in an enemy. She has used the first aspect when she manipulated away her sister's pain from a gunshot wound, but she is yet to use it offensively. The ability only works on physical pain.

Leon Murphy

Leon could manipulate free nerve endings using physical contact. He could use his ability to both cause and remove physical pain. He needed to touch skin to do so, but it didn't have to be near the part of the body he affected. He could also use the ability on himself. Normally, he used the ability to torture victims and captives, as well as removing pain from himself and his colleagues if they were injured. 

Similar Abilities

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