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Killing a group of men with an infection
Ability to:
create and manipulate pathogens

Nosokinesis is the ability to produce and manipulate pathogens.



Unnamed Character

This character used the ability maliciously, giving his enemies severe infections as a type of payback, and calling it justice. Some of his victims died, but that hadn't been his intention. He also used the ability offensively on Rhia Jones when she came to capture him, only to learn that her resistance protected her from its effects.

Devon Nakamura

Devon will be able to heal any infection, and remove pathogens from anything. He'll also be able to infect a person with any disease he can think of, as long as he knows which pathogen causes it. The ability will make him automatically immune to all infectious diseases. He'll also be able to change the properties of any pathogen, for example making one more or less contagious or virulent.

Adam Monroe

Adam can create any existing virus, bacterium or any other type of pathogen. He's also able to heal others from infectious abilities and give them immunity, but he can't do this to himself since his regeneration makes it moot. He can also alter the virulence and infectiousness of all pathogens. He has used this ability to produce various strains of the Shanti virus and used them to attack.

Peter Petrelli

Peter gained this ability from Adam, and would therefore have the same limits as he does. However, he's yet to use it.

Robert Max

Robert has the same limits as Adam and Peter.

Dwight Howard

Dwight can infect a person with any known pathogen. He always uses physical contact to do so. However, it is unknown if he could theoretically infect someone without touching him or her, if the contact is completely necessary or just facilitates the process. He can also heal any infection, whether natural or one he caused, and he is immune to disease himself.

Similar Abilities

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