Turning a hand into pure silver
Ability to:
turn other materials into silver
Tamsin MacKenzie


Gabriel Petrelli

Occamy is the ability to turn other materials into silver.


  • Tamsin MacKenzie has this ability naturally.
  • Alice also possesses this ability naturally.
  • Gabriel Petrelli will have this ability naturally.


Tamsin MacKenzie

Tamsin's use of the ability doesn't need much concentration, since she used it accidentally when she first manifested the ability, and left silver fingerprints on her cellphone. This also shows that she can turn a part of an object silver without converting the whole. She has also used it offensively to turn a person's eyes into spheres of silver. It is assumed it could be used to kill a person by turning them into a silver statue, but this has not been displayed. It is unknown if she can reverse the process, or use the ability on liquids or gases.


Alice has only recently manifested this ability, and can currently only turn small objects silver. She cannot reverse the process. She has never attempted to use it offensively.

Gabriel Petrelli

Gabriel will always use this ability consciously. He will be able to turn an object or surface silver while touching it. He will be capable of turning only part of a surface silver too, whilst leaving the rest, but when he uses this on a person, even a small amount would still kill. He will be able to transform any material, be it solid, liquid or gaseous.

Similar Abilities

  • Alchemy is the ability to turn objects into gold
  • Metal mimicry is the ability to turn oneself into metal
  • Metallokinesis is the ability to manipulate metals, and can be used to transform one metal into another

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