Oliver as a baby

Oliver Shaun Bennet is a character used by Lowri in World 2: Reflections. He is the youngest son of Lauren and Noah Bennet, and is the younger twin brother of Lyndsey Bennet. He is a non-evolved human.



Oliver as an adult

Oliver has a pale skin tone, and medium brown hair which he inherited from his father, though his is slightly darker and can look almost black in some lights. As an adult, he will keep this hair a little longer, meaning that it will curl slightly. His eyes are a light brown. It is unsure from where he got this eye colouring, since all of his relatives have blue or grey eyes.


He is easily the most dominant of the twins, and he will be stubborn and will stick to all of his decisions without letting himself regret or second-guess anything. Lyndsey will follow his lead all the time when they are children. He is very caring and protective of his family, and his father will be his role model and his hero.


Like all of his birth family, Oliver is a non-evolved human, and will therefore never manifest any abilities.

Family & Relationships


Oliver and Lyndsey were both born in April 2017.


As an adult, Oliver will follow in both of his parents' footsteps and become an agent for the Organisation. He will have previously refused people's offers to give him abilities because he wants to be like them, and Lyndsey will also refuse the offers because she will copy him. In future, Oliver will marry Alicia Petrelli. They will have 5 children: firstly twins Kaley and Reese, and then Anthony, Shannon and Dylan.


Oliver is a French name which means "elf army". It is also associated with the olive plant, which is a symbol of peace. His middle name, Shaun, is a Hebrew name which means "God is gracious". His surname, Bennet, is Latin meaning "blessed".