Olivia Grace is one of three characters roleplayed by Blazingphoenix on World 1.


She has brown hair and light brown eyes.  Average build with English features.


Adoptive dad:  Tony Grace

Adoptive mum: Mary Grace

Adoptive youngest sister: Michela Grace

Adoptive younger sister: Nicole Grace

Adoptive older sister: Danielle Grace

Biological mum:  Joanna Donkin

Biological dad: Joseph Donkin

Biological younger brother:  Mark Donkin

Brief History

She was traveling the USA when she was 5 when she lost her family.  They were involved in a massive car crash as they returned back to England.  Olivia only escaped as she manifested her ability and teleported out safely.  She lived in orphanages around the Birmingham area for 5 years before she was willing given over to B26 by the owners of the orphanage.  She escaped with the help of Danielle and joined her in the rebellion.  She was later sent over to Ireland to be kept safe, but she couldn't live not fighting and returned to the USA.  She made semi-regular break-ins at B26 using her ability to help people escape.  Danielle and her only met up again after the fall of B26 and she was accepted into their family.


Her ability is teleportation.  She seems to be more advance than other teleporters as she can teleport far distances with ease and precision without the need of a supercharger.  However, the more people she teleports with, the less distance she can teleport.


As she can teleport further than most teleporters can without help, she is by far the most reliable form of transportation when it comes to distance, but not load.