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Understanding Greek writing
Ability to:
speak and understand all languages and forms of communication

Omnilingualism is the ability to speak and understand all languages and forms of communication.



The ability allows the characters to understand, write, read and speak any language fluently. They can also understand non-verbal languages and forms of communication. They can communicate with animals too, but this is limited to the level of consciousness of that particular animal, with the exception of Joseph since he also possesses zoopathy. This aspect of the ability is thus surplus in his case.

Similar Abilities

  • Psychokinesis allows one to understand thoughts and communicate mentally without any language barrier
  • Some versions of telepathy are not blocked by different languages, grasping thoughts as concepts instead of words
  • Communication includes omnilingualism
  • Enhanced mental advancement allows one to learn languages much more easily and quickly
  • Eidetic memory can also be used to learn a language swiftly
  • Cryptopathy can also be used to understand all language

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