Owain Walters
Known abilities
Circa 1500 AD

Owain Walters was a handsome vampire who was about 500 years old. He was part of the Braşov Coven. Owain was a vampire that enjoyed killing humans and was quite big-headed, as he thought his looks could get him everywhere. He used his gift so that he could get his way.


Immediately after Owain was turned into a vampire, he decided to run away from his creator and went off on his own to discover who or what he now was. Soon afterwards he discovered the Braşov Coven and joined them. He then found Anna dying from her injuries after being mauled by wild animals, and he felt sympathetic towards her so he changed her into a vampire too. Owain was one of the few coven members who survived the battle against the Children of the Moon and the Firelock Coven. However, he was killed a few months afterwards by Lola Calwin.


Owain was a skillful vampire as he was strong. Like all vampires, he had gained enhanced strength, speed, stamina, agility and senses. Owain was stronger than most vampires due to his being that muscular and strong even when he was a human. However he was not the fastest of all vampires.

Special Gifts

Kiss Of Influence

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Influencing with a kiss

Owain possessed a very special ability to influence somebody to do whatever he wanted them to do, with a kiss. By kissing a part of their body he could get them to do what they want as they would be under his “influence”. He could also make a person’s body do what he wants, by kissing them. The ability allowed him to take control of that person but would wear off after a few hours or whenever he wanted it to, if shorter. Strong influences must need a kiss on the lips, the longer the kiss, the longer the influence will be there.



Coven Members

Physical Appearance

Owain was a very attractive male. He was handsome as a human and his beauty was enhanced as a vampire. By looking at Owain, it was visible that he was physically strong, due to his big-built body. Owain had light red eyes and short dark hair, along with his pale skin that shone like diamonds when exposed to sunlight. Owain had a nice smile and broad shoulders.


Owain is a Gaelic and Welsh name that means "youth". This could refer to how he is a vampire and is frozen in age of his youth. It can also mean "well-born" or "born under a yew tree". His surname Walters originates from Scotland and means "ruler of an army". This could refer to him being in many wars and that his coven were like an army.

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