One's memory can't be erased
Ability to:
prevent one's memories from being lost

Panmnesia is an ability which makes it impossible for one to lose one's memory.



This ability makes it impossible for someone to lose their memory. They cannot have their memory erased or altered by mental manipulation or any other mental-based ability, and they will not lose it naturally as the result of any injury. If a person loses their memory before manifesting or gaining this ability, they will regain the memory once they have it, and if the ability is blocked and negated the memory will heal once the block is removed. They also will never repress memories, however bad, and they are not affected by altering time, so they will remember all of any significant previous timeline they lived in. They can temporarily pass the protection of this ability onto others. This can even be done accidentally and unknowingly. Dann managed to protect several people's memories of an alternate timeline without even having identified that he had the ability. However, the passing of the ability's effects must be done before the memory is lost, and an attempt to do so after anmnesia has occured will do nothing. James Herriford found this out when he attempted to reverse Eve Kings' memory loss after it was wiped. A strange side effect of the ability's use is that abilities manifested within an alternate timeline will remain manifested when time changes. The ability is reflexive, and therefore is not always known of until the lack of amnesia shows. James Herriford first realised that he possessed the ability when an attempt to remove his memories and identity failed.

Similar Abilities

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