Clairsentience in 409 (1)

Masters could enable someone to survive their younger self's death
Ability to:
enable mutually exclusive events to occur

Paradox is the ability to twist and break cause-and-effect, enabling mutually exclusive events to all occur.



This ability has great potential, and its use was only limited in the paradoxes Gregory thought of and chose to attempt. He used it repeatedly to preserve certain timelines long enough to see if they'd fit his purposes, testing them before moving onto another timeline. He also used it to preserve Alec Petrelli's life after he'd killed his younger self, while the man was still working for him. The ability did take a lot of energy from him, and required almost constant use. If the paradox was withdrawn, its effects would slowly weaken and deteriorate, and they also reversed immediately when Gregory died. This led to a convolution of time, as his previous paradoxes were no longer supported, and using reality-altering abilities temporarily became much easier in the immediate hours after his death.

Similar Abilities

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