Permanent Precognition

Reacting to a foreseen attack
Ability to:
receive constant precognitions of a few minutes into the future

Permanent precognition, also called preflex, is the passive ability to receive constant precognitions of a few minutes in the future, so that one is effectively mentally living in the future.



Clarisse Basset

Clarisse will be able to predict everything which happens to her from the moment she manifests, when she is only a few days old. To her, these events will seem to occur minutes before they truly do. It will enable her to react rapidly and will make her extremely difficult to take by surprise. It will prove useful and effective when she fights, letting her dodge every attack. She will also find that the ability often makes her reply to people before they have even spoken.

William Doyle

This ability will mean that William will continually see events occurring before they truly do, and that he is effectively living seconds into the future. When he manifests it, he will actually see the moment twice. It will enable him to react more quickly than would otherwise be possible, giving him the advantage of foreknowledge. However, there would also be a risk of reacting too quickly and betraying himself.

Similar Abilities

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