Telepathic commands failing
Ability to:
be immune to all mental abilities

Perspecuity is an ability which gives immunity to all mental-based abilities.



"Charlie Levasseur"

"Charlie" is protected against all mental abilities. This means that his or her thoughts can't be read, he or she can't be telepathically controlled, and he or she can't be fooled by any hallucinations. Psychic energy manipulation and psionic energy manipulation would also prove ineffective. There is also a possibility that mental manipulation would fail when used against him or her, but this is unconfirmed.

Peter Petrelli

Since Peter mimicked this ability instead of possessing it naturally, it functions differently for him. It is usually deactivated, and he would have to access it consciously, so it functions similarly to a mental shield, another ability he has gained. However, he is yet to display either ability.

Robert Max

Like Peter, Robert too would have to consciously access this ability to use it, and has shown himself to be vulnerable to mental abilities on several occasions.

Sky Ashford

Sky is naturally immune to all mental abilities, but has never displayed the ability. She has not yet been shown facing a mental ability.

Shelley Meers

Shelley couldn't have her thoughts read or altered by a telepath, her memories were immune to manipulation, and she was unaffected by telepathically induced hallucinations. She was also immune to psychic and psionic energy manipulation. She may have even been immune to mental manipulation, but this is unclear.

Layla James

Layla is immune to all mental-based abilities. Her thoughts can't be heard or altered telepathically, her memories can't be manipulated and she cannot be tricked by telepathically induced hallucinations.

Sinead Doyle

Sinead's ability will protect her mind from all manipulation and intrusion. Her thoughts will be unreadable at all times and no one will be able to project thoughts into her head either, whether the attempt would be to control her or just to communicate. She will automatically see through any telepathically induced hallucination without even knowing that it's there. Her memories will also be similarly protected as will her emotions.

Similar Abilities

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