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Eden persuading her captors to let her go
Ability to:
force others to do what one tells them to do

Persuasion, also called suggestion, is the ability to force someone to do what one asks them to do via verbal commands.



For this ability to work, the commands must be spoken out and heard. The ability uses speech and can therefore be prevented by gagging or muting the individual, or by preventing others from hearing it. It is likely that it would have no effect on a deaf person. It is also likely that the victim must be able to understand the command, and therefore it could be foiled if they did not speak the language. The ability did also seem weaker when there was a glass wall between the persuador and her intended victim. Sometimes the depth and pitch of the voice changes when using this ability, deepening and growing in authority. It is almost impossible to resist persuasion, except if there are contradicting earlier commands produced using the same ability or a similar one, and it has been shown in World 4 that it cannot override an Alpha's previous commands. It is unknown whether a future command could overcome the effects of persuasion.

Similar Abilities

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