Twins - Copy
Known abilities
Circa 500 AD
Sister- Dakota

Peyton was a member of the Braşov Coven, along with her sister. She was about 1500 years old before her death, and was reputedly British in origin. Peyton was almost opposite to her twin, as she was much calmer and nicer than Dakota and was laid back, however she found it funny what her twin did to people. She had a strange loving relationship with her sister even though their personalities were different.

Brief History

Peyton lived in the Dark Ages. She along with her sister was threatened in their home, and was later found by Lucan to where he transformed the sisters into vampires. Peyton joined the coven with her sister. She was killed during the battle against the Firelock Coven.


Peyton had all vampiric skills like enhanced strength, stamina, speed, agility and senses. She was not one of the fastest but was quite strong for her size. It has been known that she has "sent a werewolf flying" with a single punch. Peyton was rather strong as a vampire and used her ability to her advantage.

Special Gift

Temporal Rewind

Peyton had the ability to rewind time for a few seconds. This was usually anything under 10 seconds. Peyton could rewind time, so that anything that happens would be reversed and only she would have any recollection on what had happened, as others wouldn’t of known anything had happened. The ability was useful as it allowed her to undo anything bad that had been done or warn anybody about something that was about to happen, and it was useful in fights or battles as she could rewind time and know what the opposition were going to do to attack. However, she didn't manage to ultimately use it to save her own life.


Peyton had an identical twin sister, Dakota. Their parents would be dead, centuries ago during the Dark Ages, and they had no other siblings or more family.


Peyton was in the Braşov Coven.


Coven Members

Physical Appearance

Peyton looked like her sister, as they were originally identical, but she had curly light brown hair. Peyton had dark brown eyes also, originally, and light skin. She had a natural beauty about her like all vampires do.

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