Phobic Vampirism

"Knox" gains his enhanced strength from the fear of his victim
Ability to:
gain strength from the fear of others
Bejamin "Knox" Washington

Peter Petrelli World 8 (via empathic mimicry)

Peter Petrelli World 11 (via empathic mimicry)

Robert Max (via empathic mimicry)

Darla Petrelli

Phobic vampirism is the ability to gain physical strength from the fear of others.



Benjamin "Knox" Washington

Knox could gain strength up to the level of enhanced strength if others nearby were frightened enough. There was often a positive feedback with this ability, since the actions it made possible would encourage fear which would then strengthen him further. It may have been based on sensing fear pheromones, since he would often be seen inhaling deeply when using the ability and claimed that he could smell a person's fear, thus being able to accurately predict if a person was afraid. 

Peter Petrelli

This ability strengthens Peter too in situations where people around him are frightened. In World 8, he could potentially gain up to four times the strength Knox could, since he has also mimicked enhanced strength, peak physical properties and empathic vampirism. In World 11, he can also gain strength from enhanced strengthadrenal vampirism and sonic vampirism. He has been able to sense whether or not a person is frightened using this ability, but doesn't inhale deeply to do so as Knox does.

Robert Max

Robert has similar limits to Peter in World 8. He too has other abilities which grant him strength, and can detect fear but doesn't inhale to do so.

Darla Petrelli

Darla will gain strength from the fear of others, the level of her strength increasing with both the intensity of fear and the amount of frightened people. However, she will not be able to strengthen herself using her own fear. The strength will enable her to win fights, tear objects apart and even punch through metal or stone. She will be able to sense fear as she will feel her own strength improving because of it.

Similar Abilities

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