Physical Immunity
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Telekinesis doesn't work on Peter
Ability to:
be immune to the effects of all physical abilities

Physical immunity is the ability to be immune to the effects of all physical abilities.



Lucia Petrelli

No physical abilities will work on or against Lucia. She cannot be healed, killed or revived with an ability, and she cannot be affected by abilities like elementokinesis, any of the 4 elements, florakinesis, cryokinesis or gravity manipulation (this is by no means a definitive list). She can see people who are invisible and see through illusions. Adoptive muscle memory cannot copy her actions, and she cannot be created or summoned. She also cannot be recreated, but she can interact with objects which were created. Abilities like enhanced strength or speed would have no effect, returning the character who uses them to normal if they try to use them against Lucia. However, all other abilities - such as precognitive, mental or dimensional ones - will work perfectly fine. Lucia has displayed this ability in surviving her brother's death aura and in being impossible to heal, although she was able to be sent backwards through time.

Peter Petrelli

The ability is slightly different in Peter's case, in that in needs to be activated and does not work all the time, since he doesn't possess the ability naturally. Therefore it would only protect him if he had the time to realise his danger and activate the immunity.

Noah Gray

Noah also doesn't have the ability active at all times, and must consciously access it.

Abbie Gray

Abbie too would only display the ability if she consciously activated it.

Similar Abilities

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