Pinehearst building

Pinehearst's building in Fort Lee

Pinehearst is a canon group used in World 5: The Formula, World 8: Brave New World and World 11: Villains.

Location & Bases

World 5

In World 5, Pinehearst was originally based in its canon location in Fort Lee, New Jersey. However, this building was damaged at the beginning of the roleplay, and they decided to destroy it completely, and relocate to a new building, in New York. They also by now have smaller, experimental buildings and camps scattered across America. It is known that, within a few years, they will move their main base again, to a new building which will be located in the exact same place in Fort Lee as the first one.

World 8

In World 8, Pinehearst was based in its canon location in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It had no other bases.

World 11

In World 11 also, Pinehearst was only located in Fort Lee, New Jersey.


World 5

Peter Flies Nathan out the exploding room

The explosion at the original building

In World 5, Pinehearst has proved successful in its plans to develop an ability-granting formula and sell this to the world. It has been on sale for nearly 2 years now. Pinehearst is ran by Arthur Petrelli, with Nathan Petrelli as its public face, and Tracy Strauss as the PR Manager. Several individuals have attempted to prevent the sale of the formula, due to predictions that it will become destructive, including Peter Petrelli, Sapphire Thompson, Taylor Petrelli, Sable Petrelli, Lizzie Haswell and Noah Gray. Pinehearst therefore also has a large section dedicated to dealing with these people, though most of them by now fight secretly and covertly. Lizzie was killed attempting to assassinate Arthur Petrelli. For about a year, Sable Petrelli was working for Pinehearst while in reality spying upon them, but was discovered and was hiding from them for a while, before finding a way to regain her cover. She is now spying on them again. Noah Gray was recently killed by Pineheast agent Reed "Red" Reed.

World 8

In World 8, Pinehearst was combated by the New Company because of various precognitive abilities which had shown the threat it could potentially pose in future. During this time, Mohinder Suresh was spying upon Pinehearst for the New Company, while working on perfecting the formula for them. It was eventually stopped when Peter Petrelli used the ability absorption he had mimicked from his father to de-power and defeat him.  However, several vats of the formula were stolen by a gang of villains.

World 11

Pinehearst's history in World 11 corresponds to canon except for the involvement Amelle Liraz, and the fact that Peter Petrelli did not lose his abilities to his father in this world.

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