Plant Growth
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Ian makes grass grow
Ability to:
make plants grow rapidly
Au Co

Ian Michaels

Plant growth is the ability to make plants, vegetation and flowers grow rapidly.


  • Au Co has this ability naturally.
  • Ian Michaels also possesses this ability naturally.


Au Co

Au used her ability to make vegetation grow rapidly, and thus fed her village which also grew supplies for the Vietnese Army during the war. With just a wave of her hand she could make plants grow and make vegetation grow to larger sizes.

Ian Michaels

Ian could use his ability to make plants grow at a healthy rate, and it was mostly based on his emotions. He could also grow plants from nothing but needed a source of soil and water to do so. His ability also seemed to usually need physical contact whereas Au Co didn't, although once he was shown making tree leaves glow and bloom without any contact, when in a highly emotional state.

Similar Abilities

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