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Adapting lungs to being underwater
Ability to:
manipulate lungs and the respiratory system

Pneumakinesis is the ability to manipulate lungs and the respiratory system.


  • Jayden Spiritus has this ability naturally.
  • Lewis Petrelli will also have this ability naturally.
  • Hazel Beaulieu will have this ability naturally too.


Jayden Spiritus

Jayden can manipulate lungs in many ways. He can suck all the air out of a person's lungs, or cause them to implode. He can also cause lungs to adapt to any environment. He was shown accidentally drawing air out of Barbara Zimmerman and Joshua Evans' lungs, panicking when they began talking to him about abilities. Barbara managed to negate the effect by using weather manipulation to force the air to return into their lungs.

Lewis Petrelli

Lewis will be able to manipulate lungs in slightly various ways. He will be able control breathing mechanisms, and thus force people to inhale or exhale, or prevent them from breathing altogether, killing them. He will be able adapt lungs to water and poisonous gases, and it will happen reflexively in his own case. Finally, he will also be able to manipulate various diseases and conditions of the lungs, causing them and healing them.

Hazel Beaulieu

Hazel's main use of this ability will be adapting her lungs to different situations, such as enabling herself to breathe underwater and protecting herself from smoke or poisonous gases. She will be able to adapt the lungs of others in a similar manner if she has physical contact with the individual. Additionally, she will be able to attack the lungs of others, inflicting coughing fits, various respiratory diseases and even stopping a person from breathing if she chooses.

Similar Abilities

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