Poison Absorption
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Alejandro absorbing his sister's poison
Ability to:
absorb and destroy the poison produced by poison emission
Alejandro Herrera

Dani Petrelli Snr

Poison absorption is the ability to absorb a certain poison into one's body, and then destroy the poison.


  • Alejandro Herrera had this ability naturally.
  • Dani Petrelli Snr possessed this ability temporarily, gained artifically.


Alejandro Herrera

Alejandro was immune to the affects of his twin sister's poison emission, and he could also absorb the poison she emitted and destroy it within his body. Alejandro was able to neutralise the ability of poison emission using physical contact. The poison would be seen being absorbed into his eyes, and then fading away. It is possible, however, that some of his effect was also due to his calming of his sister. In World 1 he has also proven immune to some other poisons and diseases.

Dani Petrelli Snr

Dani was given this ability artificially by members of the Initiative. She manifested the ability when faced by an evolved human named Jake, who'd lost control of his poison emission after being shot. Dani was immune to his poison and managed to absorb and neutralise it before it could kill anyone. However, soon afterwards the ability began making her ill, as her body recognised its artificialness and rejected it. The ability had to be deleted to save her life.

Similar Abilities

  • Poison emission is the ability to emit poison
  • Venokinesis can be used to generate, manipulate and be immune to all types of poison
  • Nosokinesis is the ability to manipulate and create pathogens
  • Asepsis is the ability to be immune to all poisons and diseases

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