Precognitive Dreaming
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Angela dreams of an encounter with Sylar

Precognitive dreaming, also called oneiromancy, is the ability to experience precognitions as dreams during natural sleep.



These precognitions can only be experienced when asleep and dreaming. The sleep must also be natural and not drug-induced - as Angela phrased it, they must be "earned". Most of individuals must therefore be at least slightly relaxed, and thus able to sleep well, in order to access the ability. Angela has previously described the dreams as vague and open to interpretation, although other examples of hers have also been vivid and accurate, down to the most minute details. Several of Peter's dreams have shown aspects of multiple possible futures. The time range of the precognitions can vary from moments before the event, to years or even decades before. Occasionally a dream can show an event occuring elsewhere in the present, instead of a future event. The ability has also been used to communicate with others in their sleep or while unconscious, and also to relive past experiences and to project a part of one's consciousness to other times, though the exact mechanism of these aspects is unknown.

Similar Abilities

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