Precognitive Immunity
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Attempting to paint a person's future and failing
Ability to:
be immune to all precognitive abilities

Precognitive immunity is the ability to be immune to all forms of precognition. No precognitive ability can sense an individual with this ability.



Lily Stevens

Lily's ability prevents precognitive abilities from detecting her future. She has no control whatsoever over this ability, since it is completely passive and there is no way for her to deactivate it. She didn't even know she had it at first, until her friends who possessed precognitive abilities began worrying over the fact that she had disappeared from their visions. Since she manifested it, it as been impossible for her future to be predicted by any means. Any attempts would likely result in appearing like she has no future. She will not appear in any precognitive dreams or premonitions even if she will be present in the future event, no instincts or speech could describe her future, divination would come up blank if that future involved her actions, and paintings will either be blank, blackened off or will simply exclude her.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Dann has similar limits as Lily. He cannot predict his own future either. Strangely, the effect also seems to stretch at least partially into his past, in his case, since he never appeared in any of his father's many various precognitions, although he did appear in some of Danny Maxxted's precognitive dreams before he mimicked the ability. It is unknown why he has affected the two different precognitives in different ways.

Ryan Rockwell

Ryan's future or actions cannot be predicted by any.

Katie Greene

Katie will have similar limits to both of her parents. In her case too the ability's effect seems to pre-date her gaining it, since there would have been no warning of what her core ability would be, or the danger she would pose.

Andrea Doyle

It will be impossible for any precognitive ability to perceive or predict Andrea's future from the moment she manifests this ability. Any attempts made to deliberately focus on her future will fail and will come up blank. Future events will be undetectable if they involve her actions at all. She will not appear in precognitive art, writing, verbal descriptions, dreams, visions or any other precognition of the future.

Similar Abilities

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