Precognitive Speech
Isaac high 1

Rhi's eyes cloud over before she speaks of the future
Ability to:
describe the future verbally while in a trance

Precognitive speech is the ability to enter a trance where the individual will experience visions of the future and describe them verbally.



Rhiannon Susan Maxxted

Rhi enters a trance when this ability activates. Her eyes cloud over, and she speaks in a deep and authoritive voice, sounding similar to someone using persuasion. She was also speaking fluently in a trance before she learned to speak. Originally after emerging from a trance she would be unable to remember anything she'd seen, but she has since learned to remember it and can by now recall her visions at will, or recognise them if prompted by seeing precognitive art. It is known that Rhi's visions are not inevitable, since at least one of them has already been averted.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Daniel had the same limits as Rhi, excluding the fact that she also speaks more correctly and fluently when using it than she does naturally. This is likely due to their ages.

Katie Greene

Katie will have similar limits to her cousin and uncle.

Kiana Petrelli

Kiana will enter a trance in which she will see clear visions of the future, although she'll barely be able to recall these afterwards, and will not be able to train herself to improve in this aspect. When in this trance, her eyes will cloud over and her voice will change as she describes what she sees, again sounding similar to persuasion or command. It is unknown whether the futures she will see and speak of will be inevitable or not.

Similar Abilities

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