Precognitive Viewing
3x1 Foresight Power

Seeing one's path before taking it
Ability to:
see one's path before taking it

Precognitive viewing is the ability to see one's path before taking it. It involves being able to see passages and exits from alternate angles and seeing from another's eyesight.



Jack Calwin

Jack is able to see around corners and to view all the passages in a building with this ability, as he can view the path he will take. However, he must be able to see the entire building first. It also enables him to see from another person's vision, but this can take a long time, and the ability can distract Jack from perceiving what's in front of him. Jack can activate and deactive all of the different aspects at will, though at first doing so was difficult for him, and it can be reflexive.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Daniel has the same aspects as Jack, since he mimicked the ability from him. However, the ability is similar to the visual danger precognition, which he has already mimicked. Dann is yet to use the ability to see through another's sight.

Maria Rodriguez

Maria too can see all passages in a building and see around corners. She is able to see the path she will take before doing so, and therefore is able to know all the exits in a building once she has seen the exterior. Maria is also able to see from another's vision, and thus see what they see.

Unnamed Prisoner

This prisoner displayed the ability to view around corners and see the outline of the prison building's plan. He used it to guide his rescuers around after he had been freed. He also managed to warn them of a group of guards waiting in ambush around a corner.

Similar Abilities

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