Premonition Touch
Phoebe Having Premonition of Prue Being Attacked

A vision caused by touching some clothes
Ability to:
experience visions triggered by physical contact

Premonition touch, also called tactile precognition, is the ability to receive an extremely vivid premonition upon occasional contact with a person or object.



Eve Kings

Eve can occasionally experience premonitions triggered by physical contact. The premonitions appear as extremely vivid and lifelike visions when she touches someone or something, which show her a glimpse of the person's future or an event which will occur around the object. The visions can be so vivid that she blanks out of reality. They will not always occur exactly as seen, but the circumstances will occur. It is unknown precisely what triggers a vision, since touching something or someone will not always cause one, but the contact is essential and a vision cannot be seen without it.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Dann has similar limits to Eve involving this particular ability. However, he can also sense the future using many other precognitive abilities, many of which he mimicked from his father. Several of these other abilities are easier for him to access and control.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has similar limits to Eve, but is yet to experience a vision. He can also detect the future by dreaming or painting it.

Maria Rodriguez

Maria manifested this ability when she was 14 years old. Arriving home after school one day, she touched the door handle and received a premonition of a SWAT team capturing her family, which came true that night. She's learned by now that a premonition, for her, means that the event will occur within 2 days. She can also receive visions from touching people instead of objects, but this is extremely rare.

Serena Carnion

All that is known is that Serena could occasionally gain visions of the future by touching objects.

Cara Petrelli

Cara's ability will enable her to glimpse visions of future events. They will always be caused by physical contact, and will never happen without her touching something which is related to what she will see. She will manifest the ability when she first meets her younger brother Caden. Her vision will show him flying, which will cause the family to assume he has flight when he will truly possess belief augmentation.  Cara will be unaware of her surroundings while she is experiencing a vision, making her potentially vulnerable, but the visions will usually only last a few minutes or sometimes even seconds.

Similar Abilities

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