Primal Rage
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Ricardo's eyes would glow red when he'd use his ability
Ability to:
induce a ferocious rage in others
Ricardo Silva

Unnamed Villain

Hayao Masahashi

Primal rage is the ability to induce a ferocious rage in others, which precedes thought and causes them to attack all other people in the vicinity.


  • Ricardo Silva has this ability naturally.
  • An unknown villain in World 2 has also displayed this ability.
  • Hayao Masahashi will have this ability naturally.


The ability induces a ferocious, primal rage, which drives people to attack all others in the vicinity, without any thought. They will not notice if they are attacking those they love, no natural pacifism would have any effect, and they wouldn't fear resulting injury or death. They would not stop or slow down even if they were injured. Most victims do not remember what happened after the rage has faded. No immunity or protection against this ability has been displayed, though ability immunity, ability shield and immunity ought to protect against it. When the ability is activated, the user's eyes glow red, and then his victims' eyes do the same. The unknown villain seemed to weaken in use of the ability when he was injured, but he only stopped when killed. The ability works by strengthening the instinctive animal part of the brain and suppressing the conscious part of the brain. It is more effective when a person's cognitive functions are already impaired, as shown when when Ricardo used the ability on a group of men already affected by neurocognitive deficit.

Similar Abilities

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