Probability Twisting

The ability could accidentally cause a train wreck
Ability to:
automatically and constantly alter probability

Probability twisting is the ability to automatically alter probability, making likely things unlikely, and unlikely likely.



Tessa Morgan Petrelli

In Tessa's case, the ability is continually active, and she cannot deactivate it. She can sometimes manipulate it slightly, and alter what it makes likely, although with great effort. To date she has only done so once. The effects are almost impossible to predict, although one can get used to it, and she has. This acclimatisation to its effects will in future be one of her greatest strengths. The events it can cause must be physically possible in the first place - for example, she could make it likely that someone would animate an object and make it come to life, but she couldn't make it likely for that object to come to life on its own. It can sometimes prove disadvantageous or even dangerous for her her, e.g. when she caused future Darrien to kill her.

Peter Petrelli

The ability is different works differently for Peter, since it is only activated when he does so deliberately. Again, like with Tessa, time and effort is required to learn to manipulate the ability. He is unlikely to do so because he already has other abilities which can be used to manipulate reality and probability more easily.

Noah Gray

Noah has the same limits as Peter.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has the same limits as Peter and Noah.

Similar Abilities

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