Reading and altering a man's memories
Ability to:
manipulate the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain

Psychokinesis, also termed psychomanipulation, is the ability to manipulate both the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain.



Cadi Courtey

Cadi is very advanced with her ability. She can interpret thoughts in any language, and choose whether or not she hears thoughts. She can also push thoughts, create hallucinations, and control people in a variety of ways. She can also force someone to use any active or mentally controlled ability. She can hypnotise a person with a thought, or make them asleep or unconscious.

Peter Petrelli

Peter seems to have similar limits to Cadi, or a little less skill. It is unclear since he has absorbed several other overlapping abilities.

Noah Gray

Noah would have similar limits to Peter.

Abbie Gray

Abbie would have similar limits to Peter and Noah.

Michael Pope

Michael was shown using this ability to read multiple minds and to block telepathic intrusion, and later to persuade a guard to release him then forget it had ever happened. He claimed that the continual insight into the twisted minds of others was what had caused his own mental instability.

Unnamed Villain

This villain was able to use the ability to hear Lowri Petrelli's thoughts in order to detect her presence, even when she was hidden by a weak form of induced unnoticability. He also used the ability to hear her intentions and strategies when confronting him, and he couldn't be thwarted by thinking in a different language. Previously, he had used the ability to mentally control others, and had attempted to use it to thwart capture, but had failed.

Hayao Masahashi

Hayao will be able to hear thoughts at all times, no matter what language they are in and no matter how many minds are present. However, he will find that multiple thoughts will be loud and distracting. His ability will enable him to control minds too, pushing thoughts in effortlessly and controlling people's perception of their surroundings. Additionally, he will able to control consciousness, forcing someone to sleep or knocking them out. He will not need touch to use any aspect of his ability. He could scramble a person's thoughts and replicate the effects of several mental illnesses. He could also force a person to access any consciously activated ability.

Similar Abilities

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