Claire's heart pendant

Sensing the history of a necklace
Ability to:
see an object's past and future

Psychometry is the ability to sense the past and future of objects.



Rue Becks

Rue can sense the past and future of objects, but usually needs to touch the object to do this. Sometimes she can however gain a reading from being near an object, or by hearing about it. She can also do the same for places and locations, and has seen part of her own history but has never used it on other people. She is known to have used the ability to predict that a necklace would be broken when she manifested. For years, she attempted to use it to track down her birth mother, but was only ever partially successful in doing so, catching glimpses of her history. She eventually learned of her birth mother's identity in another way. Rue's main use of her ability is to recover lost objects and belongings.

Sheridan Alexander-Tanner

Sheridan will be capable of sensing the history and future of any object she touches. Her ability will be consciously controlled, and she will choose whether to see the the past or future when she activates it. She will also be able to touch an object without gaining a vision. The visions will usually last a few minutes, and she will be temporarily blind to her surroundings while they are ongoing. When she sees a vision of the future, it will be of future events as they are currently set, but they could be changed by people's actions later. Originally, Sheridan will be unable to use her ability on people. However, after her ability is augmented, she will find that she can use it to access people's histories and future in the same way as she uses it on objects.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to her aunt Rue, but can also use clairsentience and advanced clairsentience to sense histories.

Noah Gray

Noah has similar limits to his aunt and his sister.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has similar limits to Noah and Abbie.

Similar Abilities

  • Clairsentience is the ability to see an object's history through touch
  • Advanced clairsentience is the ability to see an object's history and absorb it from that object
  • Absorption can see and absorb a history
  • History alteration is the ability to alter memories, historic records and clairsentient readings
  • Time sensing is the ability to sense a person's past and future
  • Chronocognition is the ability to see the past, present and future
  • Viewing is the ability to have visions of events occuring elsewhere in the present
  • Televoyance is the ability to enable oneself to see events occuring elsewhere in the present and recent past

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