Chapter138 07

The original REBEL team

REBEL was a group founded during the various times in several worlds where evolved humans were hunted and persecuted by Building 26. In World 8.5, it is still ongoing.


Rebel warns peter and matt

A warning

The purpose of REBEL was to help other evolved humans to hide and escape. They interfered with the operations of B26, and would sometimes interfere with the systems within the building, to block operations or to help escapes. They would learn which individuals were being targeted, and would warn them and sometimes help them escape. They would also help provide new aliases for the individuals, and would encourage more to resist and help them do so.


Canon Members

In most worlds, REBEL was kept as its canon form. The known members were:

World 8

In World 8 only, the group was altered and modified, with some canon characters excluded, and original characters also joining. The members were:


REBEL operated throughout America, and occasionally in other countries as well. It is unknown where the canon group based itself, if anywhere, but in World 8 they were based at the Deveaux rooftop.

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