Rachelle as a child

Rachelle Redford is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 11: Villains. She will be the second daughter and fifth and youngest child of Iain and Naomi Redford. Her ability will be Advanced Pyrokinesis.



Rachelle as an adult

Rachelle will have inherited her father's red hair colouring, though she won't also share his curly texture. Instead, her hair will be long and wavy. Her dark brown eyes will be inherited from her mother. Her skin will be pale, and while she will at first have a few freckles in summer, these will fade and eventually disappear as she ages.


Ad pyro gif

Producing a powerful fire

Rachelle's first ability will be Advanced Pyrokinesis. The fire produced with this ability will be deadly, burning at twice the rate of fire produced naturally or using pyrokinesis. However it will only burn those Rachelle wants it to. For others, it would be a harmless light. The flames could also be used to surround an injured or dying person to heal them, or used to transport someone or something away instantaneously.

Family & Relationships

History & Future


Rachelle is a Hebrew name which means "ewe". Her surname of Redford is an English name meaning "red river crossing". The colour could refer to her hair or to the fire she can produce.

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