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Kearney emitting radioactive energy
Ability to:
emit, absorb and manipulate all types of radiation
Cynthia Harlow

Kearney Petrelli

Radiokinesis is the ability to manipulate and emit different types of radiation.


  • Cynthia Harlow has this ability naturally.
  • Kearney Petrelli will also possess this ability naturally.


Cynthia Harlow

Cynthia can emit radiation, absorb it and redirect it. The colour of the radiation she emits alters, depending on how dangerous it is. The strongest radiation appears red, while the weakest appears blue.

Kearney Petrelli

Kearney will be able to use this ability to emit, absorb and neutralise different forms of radiation. At first, he will not be able to control the ability finely enough to choose what form of radiation he produces, but he will later learn how to do so. He will always be able to prevent himself from producing radiation. However, his ability's effects will be more potent if he is angry. The ability will enable him to generate diseases such as cancers and injuries such as radiation burns, as well as solidifying and disintegrating matter using radiation. Additionally, he will be able to create electromagnetic pulses which interfere with electronic activity and generate heat and fire. Absorbing radiation will enable him to reverse the effects and make a radioactive area safe. He will be able to combine the ability with his sister's radiation vampirism in order to strengthen her.

Similar Abilities

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