Reality Perception

Seeing a man hidden by an illusion
Ability to:
perceive truth and reality

Reality perception is the ability to perceive reality and truth.



Ben Southcott

Ben was shown repeatedly sensing when others lied, and would usually also sense the truth that person was trying to conceal. He also once reflexively saw through a telepathically induced hallucination, and wasn't even aware that the telepath had attempted it. In addition, he could often trigger himself to produce answers when he asked questions aloud.

Lee Athens

Lee senses whenever a person lies, and also automatically sees through any illusion or hallucination. Sometimes, she will also automatically know any significant fact, or will know the answer to a question once it is voiced. However, this aspect seems less dependable than the other aspects.

Ryan McKenzie

Ryan was only shown using the ability to sense when Summer and Autumn Capet tried to lie to him. However, he would also have been able to see through illusions and hallucinations.

Gabriella Petrelli

Gabriella will be capable of automatically sensing lies, hallucinations and illusions, experiencing a tingling sensation and disorientation whenever someone tries to deceive her. If she focuses, she will also see the reality behind the illusion or sense the truth a person is trying to conceal. She will also occasionally be capable of detecting the answers to questions.

Similar Abilities

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