Reflexive Precognition

Seeing an car accident seconds before it occurs
Ability to:
foresee certain events seconds or minutes before they occur
Tamsin MacKenzie

Liberty Herriford

Reflexive precognition is the ability to foresee certain moments, seconds or minutes before they occur.


  • Tamsin MacKenzie has this ability naturally.
  • Liberty Herriford will also have this ability naturally.


The ability is a reflexive ability, which shows certain events seconds or minutes before they occur, giving the character enough time to react. It means she can dodge attacks or threats, and is almost impossible to sneak up on. The ability also improves her reflexes after a vision, enabling her to interfere and prevent what she saw. Not all events she foresees will involve her, e.g. when Tamsin manifested she saw a barfight even though she wasn't fully involved - however, she would be a witness to it.

Similar Abilities

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