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Replicating a man
Ability to:
produce duplicate copies of oneself, other people and objects

Replication is the ability to produce copies of oneself, others and inanimate objects.



The ability lets one replicate oneself as many times as one wishes to do so. It also allows one to replicate other objects or beings. The clones produced can act independently, and can also be given different appearances using shapeshifting. There is no way to distinguish between a clone and an original, and a clone will not die or disappear if the original dies. There is no maximum amount of times the object or person can be replicated, although only one replication at a time has been shown. In future, Nathan will be able to use the ability in conjunction with gravity manipulation to reproduce the exact same vortex which had previously killed his uncle.

Similar Abilities

  • Cloning is the ability to produce duplicates of oneself
  • Advanced cloning is the ability to produce duplicates of oneself where each clone will have a different ability
  • Duplication is the ability to replicate objects
  • Quantakinesis can also duplicate objects
  • Genesis is the ability to produce beings from one's body
  • Vegetative cloning is the ability to clone oneself via cellular mitosis

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