The ability can cause nausea and vomiting in others
Ability to:
repel and repulse others away from oneself

Repulsion is the ability to deflect attention and repel others away.



Unnamed Vampire

The vampire was shown using his ability to repel Ariana Crinamorte's time sensing when she attempted to use it to help the Firelock Coven pursue him. She struggled to focus her ability on him, and when she tried to force it, the attempt burned her eyes out. It is unknown whether the ability would have a similar effect or a different one on a person who was trying to physically find the vampire instead of using an ability from a distance.

Roland Malus-Calwin

Roland's ability works by producing an illusion of a repulsive scent and a sensation of nausea when activated. This scent and nausea is so strong that it is impossible for any to look at him while the ability is activated, or pay attention to him or even think of him. Most develop a reflexive impulse to ignore him, in order to spare themselves the illusion, making him seem almost unnoticeable. Physical contact seems to shield against the effect of this ability, and other abilities which work in the opposite way, such as attraction or adorable smile, also give an immunity, as does possessing the ability oneself.

Jensen Firelock-Reddan

Since Jensen gained the ability from Roland, he possesses the same limits. However, he uses the ability far less often. This may be because he desires attention a lot more than his partner, reflected by the fact that his natural ability is adorable smile.

Mick Sanchez-Hawkins

Mick will be able to repel the attention of others when he consciously activates this ability. People will then find it difficult to notice him, pay attention to him or think of him, and if they tried to force their way past the ability's effect, they would experience pain and severe nausea. He will also be able to deactivate the ability at will. He will usually only use it when he wants to avoid notice or be left alone.

Similar Abilities

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