Bringing a man back from the dead
Ability to:
revive the dead

Resurrection is the ability to revive the dead.


  • A girl in World 2 possessed this ability.
  • Bree Bishop will also have this ability naturally.
  • Robert Franklin has this ability naturally.


Unnamed Girl

The girl said that she was capable of raising anything dead back to life, just by concentrating on the being. A beam of energy would emit from her hand and go inside the being's body, which would then return to life. Any injuries that the being had suffered before dying would remain, but would be painless and harmless to him, her or it in future. It is unknown if the being would still be vulnerable to pain after being resurrected.

Bree Bishop

Bree will be able to raise any living creature back from the dead, as long as the body is mainly complete and not too badly damaged. She will be unable to resurrect a person if no body was left. When she uses this ability, she places her hand on or near the body, and wills the person to live. A faint light will emerge from her palm and sink into the body, and revive it. However, she cannot use this ability too often, or it will drain her of life herself.

Robert Franklin

Robert used this ability to revive Zoe Landon and Victoria Lewis after they were both killed. To do so, he needed to touch their bodies and will life back into them, focusing intently on returning them to life. There was no light shown going into the bodies, nor any other visible sign. The process took some time. The corpses were both in a good condition, apart from the wounds and conditions which had killed them - which were both completely healed as they were resurrected - but it is unknown if he would fail to resurrect someone whose body had deteriorated more, or had been partially destroyed.

Similar Abilities

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