Riya as a child

Riya Marisa Suresh is a character used in the future of World 2: Reflections by Lowri. She will be the fifth child and youngest daughter of Amber and Savajna Suresh, and the younger triplet of Ananya and Shivakari. She will have the abilities of Flight Manipulation, Forcefield Penetration and Energy Constructs.


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Riya as an adult

Similarly to her siblings, Riya will have dark brown eyes and hair which is almost black. Her skin tone will be lighter than Shivakari's and more similar to the colouring of their other siblings. She will be a cheerful child, who'll love to smile and will always be wearing bright colours. Her skin will lighten further as she ages, and she'll colour her hair giving it a red tint. Her love for bright clothes will develop into a love for shiny clothes and lots of detail, also.


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Enabling a man to fly

Riya's first ability is Flight Manipulation. She can give herself the ability to fly, and also give others this. She can manipulate the flight paths of others when they fly, if they have any other ability which enables them to do so. She can also manipulate flying animals and planes, and she can move objects telekinetically by making them fly.


Walking through a forcefield

Her second ability is Forcefield Penetration. Using this ability, she can enable herself to simply walk through any forcefield as if it were not there, when she chooses to do so. She can also let others pass through, if she is in contact with them throughout and is therefore really taking them through the forcefield. However, she cannot block other defensive abilities such as shielding or threat redirection.


Creating a weapon whilst disguising her appearance

Her final ability is Energy Constructs. Riya can use this ability to produce anything she wishes to, out of ambient energy. This can be from creating weapons to creating shields, and they can have any specific properties she thinks of. She will also be able to create a teleportation device from energy, and a means to disguise her own appearance.



Little is known of Riya's history. Her brothers will be 2 and 6 when she and her triplet sisters are born, in 2039, and she will be the youngest child. The triplets will also be born on the same day as their cousins, Daniel and Lucien. The family will live in New York, and she will attend the Gifted Academy after she has manifested.


Riya is an Indian name which means "singer". Her middle name, Marisa, may be derived from the Hebrew name Maria, meaning "bitter", but may also be derived from the Dutch and French name Maryse, of the same meaning, or the Latin name Maris, meaning "of the sea". Her surname is Sanskrit and means "lord of the gods".

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