Rosaline Calwin-Fletcher
Unknown, in the future

Rosaline Calwin-Fletcher is the eldest triplet and third child of Kayleigh Calwin and Henry Fletcher.


Rosaline is seen shortly in the future.

Evolved Human Abilities

Hunting Skill

Rosaline has great skill in hunting. She is able to have a natural knowledge about hunting and is capable of knowing the greatest weaknesses of a person or animal in order to hunt them. Because of her skill in hunting she has a precise aim and can track people and animals easily.

Thermal Breath

Her other ability is to be able to breathe out warm and cold air. She can do this as well as produce fire from her mouth and also breathe out cold air that can freeze. She has great skill with this ability and can produce shards of ice from her mouth.

Ice Mimicry

As well, Rosaline can turn herself into ice at will. This enables her to not feel pain and if shattered from ice, to be able to reform herself. In her ice form, Rosaline can move around as normal and can produce spikes of ice from her body.

Physical Appearance

Rosaline has light blonde hair and brown eyes. When she gets older, she will grow to be a beautiful woman with long, curly blonde hair.


Rosaline is a Germanic name which means "weak, tender or soft horse". This has no relevance to her, since she is not weak or tender, and can in fact use her abilities to protect herself efficiently. Her maternal surname, Calwin, is French and means "bald", while Fletcher is an English name which means "maker of arrows". This refers to her ability of hunting skill.

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