Sacrifical Healing
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Resetting a broken arm after it was absorbed
Ability to:
absorb the hurts of others and then have them rapidly heal away

Sacrificial healing is the ability to heal others by absorbing their injury or illness upon one's own body, where it will usually rapidly heal away.



An individual with this ability needs a small amount of skin contact with the injured person to activate the ability, as well as the desire for them to recover. When this is done, the injury will appear on their own body and will simultaneously disappear from the person they're healing. The injury will then heal away, in most cases. However, use of this ability does weaken and tire the individual, and sometimes a severe injury would not fade away. Katherine is known to have fallen into a coma when she used the ability to save her daughter Elle, and it was originally claimed that doing so had caused her death. Overuse of the ability, in particular with fatal injuries, could easily kill. The ability only works when healing humans, and it doesn't mean that normal injuries would heal away. It also cannot be used to revive.

Similar Abilities

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