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Anthony Sanders is a minor character used by Lowri in World 1: Redemption Vs Revenge. He has the ability of teleportation, and was a member of a villainous group formed originally to combat ex-agents who'd returned to their work of persecuting evolved humans, but which eventually turned to revenge. He is in his mid-forties.


Sanders has sandy blonde hair and light blue eyes. He is average height, but is powerfully built.



Two men teleporting

Sanders has the ability to teleport, travelling instantly from one location to another. It was seen that he could easily travel any distance within Northern America. He could have been able to travel further but this was not shown. When he teleported, he simply vanished and reappeared, without any light or glow. He would need to focus on either a place name or a memory of the place in order to teleport there.


  • Sisters - Fiona Sanders, Kelly Brook
  • Brother in law - James Brook
  • Nieces - Molly Sanders, Lucy Brook, Aimee Brook
  • Nephew - Luke Brook



The burning base

Sanders was captured and imprisoned within Building 26 during the first arc of this world, along with one of his sisters. When the operation was ceased, both of them were released, unharmed, and returned to their families. However, their names were on record and the family were some of the targets Leit remembered when he returned to the work. He and his group raided the family. Several were captured and a fight broke out, and Sanders' brother in law was killed. After this, Sanders was recruited by Jasper Ellis to fight and seek revenge against Leit. Sanders died when his niece changed sides and burned the group to death in their base. However, he was later revived, and is now a captive of the New Company.


Sanders' first name is a Latin name. His surname, and the name by which he is referred, Sanders, is a Greek name which means "defending men". This could be a reference to how he mistakenly believed that his actions would protect and defend other evolved humans.

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