Sara Dorian

Sara is a minor character owned by Pippy in World 4: Vampires and Wolves. She is a werewolf, a member of the Navajo pack, and she has imprinted upon John Casey. Like her imprintee and packmates, she too is now a member of the Firelock Coven Guard.


Sara is tall and relatively powerfully built, muscular for a woman. She has pale skin, dark eyes and brunette hair cut short around her face. In her wolf form, she has white fur.


Family, Pack & Relationships

Nothing has been revealed of Sara's birth family. She is a member of the Navajo pack, along with Rose Hathaway, Lana Clarke and Kaylee Rutter. Lana is her Alpha and Kaylee is the Beta. Sara is the second member of the pack to imprint. She has imprinted upon the human John Casey, a former spy who is now also a Guard member.

Brief History

Little is known of Sara's history. Nothing is known of her childhood, or when or how she joined the pack, but it is likely that she too grew up in Nebraska. She was the pack member chosen to approach the Firelock Coven and see if they could return Lana and Joshua to life. This was done successfully, and the pack afterwards remained in Otsu and joined the Guard. She met John Casey here, and imprinted upon him immediately.

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