Savajna as a child

Savajna Gagnesh Suresh is a character used by Pippy in World 2. He is the second son of Mira and Mohinder Suresh. He is roughly 4 years old. His abilities are Wing Production, Liquid Manipulation and Quintessence Force.



Savajna as an adult

Savajna is a small Indian child, with medium brown hair and brown eyes. His hair will darken in future, and he will look a lot like both his father and his brother.


Savajna is kind, sweet, loving and easy to love. Like his father, he is highly intelligent. He gets emotionally attached very easily, he is curious, and he is very interested in abilities.


Wing production

Giving himself wings

Like almost every character in world two, Savajna has 3 abilities. The first is Wing Production. He can use this ability to give himself wings and fly with them, or to give wings to others. This was the ability he manifested first, and he gave himself and his mother wings.


Forcing water to boil

His second ability is Liquid Manipulation. With this, he can mimic any known liquid, e.g. water, acids, alkalis, and can also manipulate existing liquids. He can alter their movements, can melt objects, and can hydrate and dehydrate living beings.


Releasing energy offensively

His last ability is Quintessence Force, the creation and manipulation of pure energy. He can increase his own physical capabilities, e.g. resisting gravity, can release powerful concussive blasts, and can increase physical attributes like strength. He has naturally enhanced senses, agility, reflexes and speed, and he can generate his own energy without requiring rest, sleep or sustenance.


Brief History

Savajna was born and raised in India, along with his siblings, although the family have by now moved to live in New York. He manifested at birth. He attends the Gifted Academy.


Only a little is known of Savajna's future. He will attend Chennai University, and will meet his future wife, Amber Petrelli, there. They will date for a year and a half before becoming engaged, in 2031, and will be married in autumn of that year. Their family will live in New York. They will have 5 children: 2 sons, Acalan and Ehan, and then triplet daughters Ananya, Shivakari and Riya. Acalan will be born in 2034, Ehan will be born in 2037 and the girls will be born in 2039.

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