Seismic Burst
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Throwing a man backwards
Ability to:
emit bursts of seismic energy which can throw people and objects backwards
Mr. Shaw

Mr. Taylor

Unnamed Repair Man

Alan Johnson

Joshua Evans World 8 (via intuitive aptitude)

Robert Max (via empathic mimicry)

Peter Petrelli World 8 (via empathic mimicry)

Bart Scott

Jennifer Carroll

Reed "Red" Reed (via conscious mimicry)

Monica Dawson World 8

Hadley Sanchez-Hawkins-Parkman (given via ability manipulation)

Seismic burst is the ability to emit a burst or shock wave of seismic energy, and use it to repel away objects or people.



The ability enables a person to emit bursts or shock waves made of seismic energy. For most individuals, the shock waves have only been shown being emitted from the palm of the person's hand, though it is unknown if this is essential or only assists in aiming the burst. Monica can emit bursts without actually moving her arms, but her shock waves are more powerful when associated with additional movement. The bursts have been strong enough to send another person flying across a room or area, although no visible physical damage was done upon initial impact. However, damage can be caused by subsequent collision after being thrown backwards, as shown by "Red" when she used the ability to kill Noah Gray. Every burst which has been seen has been shown to be transparent, appearing almost as movement of air, but it is unknown whether they can also be produced in any particular colour. Most bursts have been shown in black and white flashbacks.

Similar Abilities

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