Coffin sustenance

Surviving without food or air in a coffin
Ability to:
sustain oneself at need without food, water or air

Self-sustenance is the ability for the body to sustain itself at need, without food, water or air.



This ability activates whenever it is needed, and means that the user can cope without food, water or air. Therefore they can survive without these and cannot be killed or even harmed by starvation, dehydration or asphyxiation. They can also survive some damage to the systems which provide these. Injuring the lungs or digestive tract will have little effect, and they can cope with poisoning once the body detects it and prevents further absorption. Blood supply to those two systems is not necessary, and they can also cope a little more efficiently with severe blood loss. Lucia has been shown using this to survive her mother being shot while pregnant, and to survive being four months premature.

Similar Abilities

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