Sense Manipulation
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Augmenting a woman's vision

Sense manipulation, also called synesthokinesis, is the ability to manipulate people's senses.



Layton Bishop

Layton can block and remove any of the senses, improve them or painfully overload them with stimuli. He can cause synaesthesia, disorientating the person he affects. He can also manipulate the senses to misinform them and make someone sense something false, but this is the hardest aspect and takes a lot more effort. The other aspects are by now almost effortless for him and take only a few seconds.

Abbie Gray

Since Abbie gained the ability from Layton, her limits are similar to his.

Noah Gray

Again, Noah has similar limits to Layton.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has similar limits to Layton, Noah and Abbie in World 2. He has similar limits to Cierra in World 11.

Harry Goldston

Harry was only shown depriving people of their senses, and reversing this. Since he had only possessed the ability for a short time before losing it, he had little opportunity to develop the ability, and never used it in a serious fight.

Robert Jackson

Robert's limits are unknown.

Reed "Red" Reed

"Red"s abilities are also unknown, but would be similar to Robert's.

Daphne Bishop

Daphne will have inherited this ability from her uncle, and her limits will be similar to his. She will be able to enhance, weaken and block the senses of others and her own, and she will be able to disorient others by causing synaesthesia. She will also be able to overload the senses, including the sense of pain. However, she will not be able to misinform the senses.

George Banks

George is able to block and remove any of the five senses from people without difficulty. He is also able to overload the senses or simply to just control what the victim can and can’t see, meaning he could feed them false information through their other senses. Although he has yet to demonstrate it, George is also able to borrow and steal other people’s senses, meaning he could either take control of their senses entirely, and be able to use their senses instead of them. Although the victim could not control or use their own senses, they would not notice George’s presence. He does not require physical contact for this ability.

Lucie Adams

Lucie can improve the senses of others and herself, and she can also weaken the senses, or completely delete them. If she chooses to, she can permanently remove a sense from a person, for example permanently blinding someone.

Cierra Brook

Cierra can easily block and enhance one sense at a time, and can affect multiple senses at once with a greater effort. She usually gestures at a person with her left hand in order to block his or her senses, and she will use her right hand to enhance senses. She can also cause synaesthesia and can hurt people by overwhelming their senses.

Julian Hathaway

Julian will be able to enhance people's senses, weaken and confuse them and even remove them entirely. He will be able to induce synaesthesia and overwhelm people's senses, causing them to lose awareness of their surroundings and occasionally making people lose control of their abilities. He will be capable of affecting his own senses as well as the senses of others. Additionally, he will be able to deceive people's senses with accurate and intense illusions. However, doing so will take more effort than other uses of the ability.

Similar Abilities

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