Drusilla empathytelepathy becoming part 2

Sensing a man's feelings and thoughts
Ability to:
sense various things; including abilities, locations and precognitions

Sensing is the ability to sense a variety of information through concentration, such as the locations of others, what abilities others have and precognition sensing.



Ashleigh Calwin

Ashleigh is able to sense a variety of information just by a thought. Even asking herself a question will give her an answer and sometimes she can involuntarily sense information. The ability was not at first consciously activated and Ashleigh could sense information most of the time. Later she developed to use the ability to consciously block out information and choose when to sense information, as she disliked sensing so many negative things. So far Ashleigh hasn't shown a limit to what she can sense. She has been shown sensing the locations of people, sensing when an event will take place, sensing what has happened from a distance and even sensing precognitively. Ashleigh has also shown that she can sense emotions and information that she may not have previously known.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has absorbed this ability from Ashleigh, so would have the same limits as her.

Noah Gray

As Noah mimicked the ability from Ashleigh he too will have the same limits as her.

Abbie Gray

Abbie will also have the same limits as Ashleigh as she mimicked the ability from her.

Lee Athens

Lee can sense a variety of things. She can sense where a person is currently, or sense an emotion that a person is feeling. She can also identify what abilities someone has, gain information about a person, and sense events precognitively or as they occur elsewhere. Mostly sensing precognitively seems to be the hardest challenge of all. Lee can also use the ability to sense information about an object or a location. Lee however does not seem to have enough control over the ability yet to block it, and senses things accidentally when triggered by curiosity or random thoughts. She often senses the answers to questions and once sensed that she should give Matt Parkman a temporary precognitive ability since there was an image from the future he needed to see.

Neo Petrelli

Neo mimicked this ability from an unnamed person. It is thought that his limits and his source's limits are both similar to Ashleigh's, although they, like Lee, cannot consciously block out sensing information at times. He is known to have used the ability, shortly after having gained it, to sense the name of his biological mother and detect how to contact her.

Shannon Hall

Shannon is known to have used this ability to sense the identity of her own core ability, ability calling, and learn how to use it. She has also used sensing to identify the abilities of others in order to enable herself to name them correctly and steal them.

Sayuri Akiyama

Sayuri will be capable of sensing a range of different information. In most cases her ability will work randomly, but it will also sometimes be triggered by stray thoughts and questioning things in her mind. She will be able to sense a person's identity and location, detect their abilities and know any secrets they may be keeping. She will be able to sense information about events happening elsewhere and some events in the future.

Similar Abilities

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