Sensory Shield
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Shielding oneself and others from being detected by the senses of agents
Ability to:
create a shield which prevents the senses of others from detecting oneself

Sensory shield is the ability to create an invisible shield that prevents the senses of others from detecting oneself.



Alec Greenway

Alec can consciously activate a shield around himself that prevents the senses of others from detecting himself. This allows Alec to become impossible for others to sense. People cannot see, smell, feel, hear or even taste him. Alec can even pass on the shield to others if he has physical contact with them, but however the ability only affects the senses of others, and not any equipment or abilities which could be used to detect him.

Bobbi Cunningham

Bobbi will be able to create an invisible shield around herself which will stop the senses of others from seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing or tasting her. It will stop the senses from focusing or working on her while the shield is activated. She will be able to activate and deactivate it whenever she chooses to, and it will work instantly. It can be passed over others also, but only if they have physical contact with Bobbi. However, the ability only blocks sensory perception, and so certain abilities and equipment can still be used to detect her.

Drew Ackerley

When Drew chooses to, he can prevent the senses of others around him from perceiving him. He can either affect all nearby, whenever or not he is even aware of them, or he can target specific people to hide from whilst letting others sense him. He could hide from people who were hidden themselves, if he used the ability in the first way. He can also hide other people with him, but he can only hide from the senses, not electronic equipment or abilities. At first, he could only hide two additional people, but by now he can hide up to six others.

Similar Abilities

  • Invisibility is the ability to make oneself unseen
  • Induced unnoticability is the ability to block oneself from perception, making it impossible for others to sense the individual, or to use abilities or equipment to notice they're there
  • Perception altering changes one's perception, which can make the person seem invisible
  • Sense manipulation is the ability to manipulate the senses of others and themselves
  • Stealth is the ability to deflect unwanted attention and suspicion
  • Imperceptibility is the ability to block others from perceiving oneself, without using a shield
  • Anti-shield can be used to penetrate shields
  • Sensory adaptation enables the senses to adapt to any situation
  • Sensory paralysis is the ability to cut off others senses

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