Shun Lee
Shun lee
Known abilities
Around 1310 AD

Shun Lee was a vampire and was said to be about 700 years old. He was from China and was a member of the Braşov Coven. In the coven, Shun was mostly quiet and did what he was told. In truth, he never wanted to join the coven and was actually influenced by Owain to join, forcing him to be under the control of the coven and its leaders. This means that he may not have had any control over his actions, having being forced to do as they said.


Shun had a strange history as he had no recollection whatsoever of his human life. He was transformed into a vampire around 700 years ago. He had no memories of his human life and it's not sure if the memory loss was merely a natural result of the transformation, or if anyone took his memories away. Shun later met Vlad who encouraged him to join the coven. He may have originally been hesitant but he joined them after possibly being influenced by Owain.

Shun died, killed by the Firelock Coven as it was identified that he fed on human blood, revealed by his red eyes.


Being a vampire, Shun had gained vampiric skills such as: enhanced strength, speed, agility, senses and stamina. He had no other special abilities, but Vlad was intrigued by how fast he was. He was impressed when he first saw Shun, seeing him run across fields in fractions of a second. Vlad described his speed as “He moved faster than I saw anybody go - the fastest”. Shun could move at speeds up to 125 miles per hour, making him the fastest in the coven and possibly one of the fastest vampires in the world.


Shun Lee was in the Braşov Coven.


Coven Members

Physical Appearance

Shun had pale light brown skin and dark spikey short hair. He had a rectangle-shaped head and light red eyes. His ears looked like they had been pointed back and he had a nice smile. Shun was very strong and muscular.


Shun is a Japanese name and means "quick". This could be in reflection to Shun's speed, as he was a fast vampire, one of the fastest ever known. His surname Lee means "field", which is coincidently where Vlad first saw him and noticed his speed.

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