Simon Petrelli is a canon character adapted and roleplayed in World 2: Reflections by Lowri. He is currently 20 years old, and is the eldest son of Nathan Petrelli and Heidi. He was given the abilities of Age Manipulation, Access and History Alteration by his brother Monty.


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Changing a man's age

o date, Simon has only displayed one ability, though he should eventually discover another 2. This first ability is Age Manipulation, which enables him to manipulate the ages and ageing rates of others. He can alter the physical age of another person, or change the rate at which they grow and age, and he could make a person immortal. However, he cannot affect his own age in any way. He can affect any living thing, and uses the ability by either aiming his hand at the person or being, or by thinking of them, though he find this second method harder. He doesn't need contact.

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Accessing a combination

He has manifested his second ability, though he hasn't realised it yet. This ability is Access. Not only does this ability allow him to pass through any physical lock as if it wasn't there, it will make any guards let him pass without registering his presence, let him access any protected electronic files, and let him bypass biometric security measures.

Clairsentience in Acceptance

Changing the history of a toy plane

His final ability is History Alteration. When he touches a person, he can alter their memories, and he can also alter photographic and written records when he touches there. If he focuses enough, he can change the clairsentient history of any object or person. However, the real history remains as it is, but hidden beneath a new lie.



Simon Petrelli

Simon as a child

Simon's history was mostly normal and continuing with canon until shortly before he turned 18. He hadn't seen his father for almost a decade, since the control orders Heidi got were still standing. However, when Monty manifested, Simon became jealous which resulted in Monty giving him his abilities too. Panicking over what had happened to them, he contacted his father as soon as he was able to, and Nathan explained how these abilities are in fact completely normal within their family. Monty and Simon then effectively rejoined their paternal family, and also began training with their abilities.


Simon is a Hebrew name which means "listening". His surname is Greek in origin and means "rock".

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