Sonic Speed
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Michael running at sonic speed
Ability to:
run up to the speed of sound

Sonic speed is the ability to move one's body as fast as sound waves can travel.



Michael Cassidy

Michael is able to run and move as fast as sound. He can move at the speed of sound as his ability allows him to create a sonic boom when travelling, but he cannot pass on the ability to others and take them with him at this speed. Enhanced speed is both faster and can be used to carry passengers. Also, this ability does not give immunity to being frozen in time, and it cannot advance to time travel when augmented.

Jessica Sky Petrelli

Jess can overcome every limitation this ability has by using enhanced speed instead, since she has also absorbed that ability.

Robert Max

Robert has the same limits as his niece, Jess.

Peter Petrelli

Peter also has the same limits as Jess.

Future Clone Of Braedon Gray

The clone was shown moving at the speed of sound whilst fixing his car's engine.

Similar Abilities

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